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Who are we?

Erasmusport is the flagship product of Spetron and was first released in 2009. Since the beginning, our team of talented developers from a variety of technical backgrounds have worked in unison to keep Erasmusport running and updated according to our clients' needs

However, our services are not limited to Erasmusport. Spetron also offers its corporate clients end-to-end Software Solutions, developed with their specific needs in mind.

Our prime aim is to provide high quality, efficient, trouble-free and economical solutions by keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront.

Our Services

Spetron offers a variety of services to our valued clients and whatever your technological needs be, our team of talented developers will always be able to find a solution to streamline your business procedures.

Mobile App Development

Bespoke Application Development

Brand redesigning

24/7 Responsive support

Cloud-based System Hosting

Website Development

Systems transfer services

Technology Integration services

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Our Team


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Arham Khan

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Project Manager