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Erasmus Port is a full-featured Erasmus+ online application and management system.

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Why Erasmus Port?

Simple, Effective Usage

Simple interface, ability to accept and manage applications online from anywhere, application form defaults, automatic thumbnail generation and much more.

Multi-User Access

Ability to access the system anywhere over the internet, online informative application status updates for applicants, ability to scale to thousands of simultaneous users.

High-level Security

Development with high security priority, stable server packages, data and application security through various authorisation mechanisms

Erasmus Port


Online Access and Multi-User Environment

  • Ability to access the system anywhere over the internet
  • Online informative application status updates for applicants
  • Ability to scale to thousands of simultaneous users
  • Ability to allow more than one administrators use the system simultaneously

Application Periods with Specific Dates and Time

  • Ability to accept applications per academic year or per semester
  • Ability to define application periods per mobility with start/end date and time for each application term

Detailed Search, Filter and Sorting Options

  • Ability to perform detailed search, filtering, and sorting on all content and data lists

Pre-defined Data

  • Cities, countries, banks, bank branches …
  • Universities, faculties, schools, departments, institutes, academic titles
  • University map coordinates / geo-location data
  • Monthly and daily grant amounts per mobility and per semester

Error Correction and Undo Option

  • Ability to undo incorrect updates to applications and agreements
  • Ability to recover deleted application or agreement records
  • Ability to update the application until the PDF output of the application form

Reminders and Alert Services

  • Reminders about important days and dates regarding the application processes
  • Automatic alerts to be sent on any system errors

Robust Statistics and Reporting Tools

  • Visual (Image, 3D) representation of statistics
  • HTML, Excel, CSV, TXT, XML or PDF report output and printouts
  • Custom reports for users, applications, agreements or universities
  • Easy data exports to multiple formats

Security - Infrastructure

  • Development with high security priority
  • Stable server packages
  • Data and application security through various authorisation mechanisms
  • Proactive security measures for the server operating system and network structure
  • Secure and encrypted data communication for all online procedures with SSL certificates

Theme Customisation

  • Ability to customise theme layouts
  • Easily create theme layouts
  • A variaty of different theme settings and layout features

Automatic Backups

  • Automatic hourly or daily data backups
  • Manual database backups on demand
  • Automatic backups of user’s uploaded documents, photographs and similar files
  • Ability to make off-site backups in addition to local backups

A solution for all

We have a variety of options for all types of institutions and are very flexible to features requests. The key is to get in touch!

  • All modules for all parties and users

    you have all Erasmus Port features and modules. For budget keepers, exchange/mobility coordinators, students, academic/administrative staff, academic coordinators, yes all.

  • Free Updates & New Versions

    Our development team is constantly working to improve Erasmus Port's experience and with all our packages, you will get lifetime free feature / security updates. This sometimes means more than 100 major/minor versions we publish in a year.

  • Premium Support & SLAs

    In case you need it, we got you covered with our premium quality fast support services.

iOS/Android apps included

Our system includes mobile apps for Android and iOS to help your students and staff get started their Erasmus+ journey right on their fingers.

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Succeed with Erasmus Port

The new way to handle Erasmus+

Erasmus Port is a modern software for your Erasmus+ operations. Designed to help you begin Erasmus+ applications and operations in an easy and beautiful way.

It includes a variety of modules and features and also includes demo operational data ready for you to utilize according to your own institutional needs


A Zoom integrated appointments module to easily schedule and keep connected with applicants/staff.


An easy-to-use and highly effective dashboad that makes relevant information available to users instantaneously.


Easy communication channels for applicants/staff to get in touch.


Organized lists for applicants to know what items to prepare for their Erasmus Port+ journey.

Our features stack

Take the control of your Erasmus+ operations with Erasmus Port. You can customize it or just use the ready-to-use content and forms we made for you









Paperless Erasmus+

Here are some of the features and modules that can help you manage Erasmus+ without paper and with time-savings.

Powered with multiple helper utilities

Erasmus Port helps you to keep organized

OLA - Learning agreements made easy

Erasmus Port has online learning agreement generation since 2013 with coordinator & office approvals + automatic approval worklows.

Fully covered application cycles

Erasmus Port covers all phases of a mobility application

statistics and reports

We have included a fully functional reporting and statistics tool together with exporting your stats as an infographic

automatic document generation

Generate applicant documents in DOCX or PDF with one-click. Create your document templates easily in MS Word.

online agreements with partner collaboration

form agreements online easily and collaborate with partners for full agreement creation.

Nominations & partner modules

send your nominations to partners with a few clicks. Receive nomination lists online from partners.

Advantages & Benefits

Erasmus Port online comes with hundreds of features and tools both for applicants and exchange offices.

  • Semi-automatic Application Placements
  • Error-Free Grant and Duration Calculations
  • Zero Error Rates
  • Online Multi-User Access
  • Automatic Archive, History Logs, and Backups
  • Automatic Generation of Official Documents
  • Integration Infrastructure and Features
  • Substantial Time Savings
  • High-Level Data Security - High-Level Performance
  • Import Facilities for Existing Data
  • Software Personalisation
  • Seamless and Quick Support

System for Shorter Application Processes, Saving Time

  • Ability to accept and manage applications online from anywhere
  • Application form defaults
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for application photos
  • PDF form printouts with fully populated fields
  • University/agreement selection list based on the faculty and department of the student, to prevent wrong choices
  • Form validations to prevent errors in application forms
  • Single-click coordinator approvals

Application History Records, Operation Logs; Archive Facility

  • History records and operation logs of modifications in applications and agreements
  • automated archiving option
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